10 tips for NUIT BLANCHE

NUIT BLANCHE is a free event.

1. Come early! You won’t have to queue between 19:00 and 20:30. We also advise you to be at the location 30 min. before the project starts.
2. Choose public space projects or continuously presented projects.
3. Visit the locations paving the course, they are always less crowded.
4. If you want to attend a participative event, choose just one.
5. To avoid queues, the limited capacity project Syada will be subject to a registration on the night at 18:30, 20:30, 22:30 et 00:30.
6. Choose just one performance that’s taking place at a set time.
7. Use the What’s next application to move around and find out all about the animations near you.
8. Vertrouw op de richtlijnen van de vrijwilligers. Wacht niet onnodig als zij je vertellen dat er geen plaats meer is.
9. Help ons de veiligheid te garanderen en laat rugzakken thuis. Grote tassen en paraplu’s worden niet toegelaten in gesloten ruimtes.
10. Enjoy your NUIT BLANCHE !