Where the wild things grow

A window remains open at the St Pierre hospital, in spite of late hour of the day. It seems that something is happening inside. Irresistible cries, intoxicating noises, luxuriant plants. Is there a party going on somewhere? The hospitalised children […]


Our bodies and flesh are endlessly subject to judgement. In friction, skin symbolises the freedom of women as told by the universal languages of dance, music and visual arts and the public space is used as a playground to live […]

A String Section

Destroying objects, throwing cups on the floor, demolishing walls, tearing furniture apart. This is how the visual and choreographic work of these independent artists commenced. The choreography shown in the courtyard of the former fire brigade is simple: 6 dancers, […]

HIDE & SEE(K) – préfiguration

Through a sensitive reading of the city between fiction and documentary, KompleX KapharnaüM offsets the public space and mankind comes into its own again. Ultra-mobile artistic intervention HIDE & SEE(K) presented at the Cité Hellemans is no exception. Guided by […]

Été 42

On the eve of 3 September 1942, Brussels Jews were rounded up in the Marolles. Today, few remember that day and new inhabitants have settled in the area, bringing their own stories to the neighbourhood. In “L’Été 42, rafle dans […]

Mission Roosevelt

In this performance / experimentation, 20 guinea pigs use a taboo object: a wheelchair. Symbol of detachment, the wheelchair becomes a metaphor of the disparity through which conquer the city. This urbanism experiment is performed by young artists who, sitting […]

Last Time I Saw You…

What is the common denominator of all revolts, revolutions and popular upheavals? Taking what belongs to the people, by the people. In this performance, the audience is invited to share slogans and other types of protest signs. The performers will […]

The Resilience of the Body

The Resilience of the Body responds to postrevolutionary Egypt. Artist Shaymaa Shoukry explores the resistance of the human body in an environment filled with violence, censorship and other limitations. This solo is performed in turn by Shaymaa Shoukry and by […]

A Descent into Glamour

A woman appears in the street, clad in a sumptuous pink satin dress. The huge train deploys behind her, inviting passers-by to lift it up. The dress evokes the nostalgia of a long-gone glamour era and offers a visual feast. […]


A nocturnal pilgrimage on an abandoned sports field, synchronised breathing, ritual dances, acclamations, refrains and legwork. Klapping initiates participants to a new form of urban movement, a street dance drawing its roots in football. Between fiction and reality, this performance […]