Activity number : 1 Body Revolution

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  • Installation / Performance

The Arab Spring strongly influenced Baghdadborn actor and director Mokhallad Rasem, who has lived and worked in Belgium for the past ten years. Images of Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq and Syria have moved many people whose roots lie in these countries. How do you react when you hear news of your family back home? How does the body respond to fear and violence? Body Revolution is played by three mummy-men who merge into projections of bombed Arab cities and tries to answer these questions through a guerrilla performance.

Mokhallad Rasem (regie, concept, performance) // Ehsan Hemat (performance) // Mostafa Benkerroum (performance) // Paul Van Caudenberg (video)



Made with the support of INTEATRO Creative Residency.
Research and development was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.
With the support of Vlaanderen verbeelding werkt.

Coproductie: Artefact Festival Stuk Leuven