Activity number : 20 friction

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Our bodies and flesh are endlessly subject to judgement. In friction, skin symbolises the freedom of women as told by the universal languages of dance, music and visual arts and the public space is used as a playground to live and share utopia. Drawing parallels between our skin and the surfaces of the city, the projections on the Centre Brueghel melt into the architecture, the streets, and the city.

Anna Anderegg (choreography) // Manou Koreman (danse) // Margot Libanga (danse) // Laureline Richard (danse) // Mattia Tuliozzi (technique) // Marco Barotti (sound design) // Nina Gazaniol (video artist) // Nina Gazaniol ( production) // Moni Wespi (costumes) // Birk Schmithüsen (video projections) // Nadine Becker (management) // Milica Slacanin (visual concept)

This project was developed in partnership with CC Bruegel.

With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.