Activity number : 15 Last Time I Saw You…

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What is the common denominator of all revolts, revolutions and popular upheavals? Taking what belongs to the people, by the people. In this performance, the audience is invited to share slogans and other types of protest signs. The performers will then reuse these mottoes to ignite revolts with unforeseeable consequences. Everyone has a role to play: journalist, policeman, demonstrator, etc. Between order and chaos, Last Time I Saw You... goes on a quest for the ephemeral beauty of the act of freedom.

Ubay Martin (Art Director) // Juliette Framorando (Assistant Director, Dramaturgy) // Paola Pisciottano (Technical Direction, Dramaturgy) // Aurelien Vandenbeyvanghe (MC, Dramaturgy) // Valentin Guenno (Production Director) // Louis Richard (Movement Direction, Choreography) // Miguel Peñaranda (Costume and space creation) // Sarah Herssens (Scenography Concept) // Inès López Carrasco (Movement Coach, Concept) // Hector Humblot (Streaming news director) // Perrine Benhaim (Communication) // Lucie Bourdon (Streaming news assistant) // Alice Paillot (Photography) // And performers