Activity number : 16 Mission Roosevelt

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  • Performance
  • Kids friendly

In this performance / experimentation, 20 guinea pigs use a taboo object: a wheelchair. Symbol of detachment, the wheelchair becomes a metaphor of the disparity through which conquer the city. This urbanism experiment is performed by young artists who, sitting on wheelchairs, morph into a sort of firing squad in a joyous war machine. Mission Roosevelt invades the city. Ready, fire, ride!

Call for participants here (in French) and here (in Dutch).

Iacopo Fulgi (artistic director and performer) // Diane Bonnot (performer) // Valerio Maggi (technical manager) // Alexis Nys (Producer)

Coproductions : Lieux Publics – CNAREP (Marseille) // La Paperie – CNAREP (Angers) // L’Atelline – Lieu de Fabrique Arts de la Rue Occitanie (Montpellier)

With the support of : SACD / Auteurs d’espace public // Productions Bis – Paris (75)