Activity number : 11 Relay

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  • Installation / Performance

A black flag floats in the night in slow motion. The movement of the flag, symbol of resistance, and the flapping of its fabric become choreography and sound. Loyal to her broad vision of artistic disciplines, Ula Sickle lets her dancers, accompanied by sound artist Yann Leguay, relay one another in a physical and fascinating endurance race. This anarchic Relay draws its inspiration from the many recent protests taking place around the globe, among them, the mass marches in Poland in defense of women’s rights, called ‘czarny’ protest, or ‘black’ protest.

/!\ stroboscopic effects

Ula Sickle (Concept, performance, choreography), Yann Leguay (Sound design), Popol Amisi (Performance), Liza Baliasnaja (Performance), Antoine Neufmars (dramaturgical assistance), Amanda Barrio Charmelo (Performance), Sidney Barnes (Performance), Mavi Veloso (Performance), Mohamed Toukabri (Performance), Nathan Oms (Performance / Intern)