Activity number : 12 Scale 1:5

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  • Kids friendly

Five singers, one city. Five tones, one atmosphere. Five stages, one emotion. It’s all a question of proportions… Lost in the hubbub of city life, the audience follows five singers-actors through the Brussels streets for a recital of dissenting pop songs. As performers meet and move away from one another, an original partition (only perceptible by spectators equipped with headphones) takes form. A galvanizing musical break!

Katalin Szilágyi, Petra Nagy, Tamás Keresztény & Máté Hunyadi (Performer), Zsuzsa Gyöngy (Performer, choreograph), Ákos Pallagi (Performer, musical director), Péter Bokor/János Rembeczki (Sound technician) & Tamás Herczeg (Director)

PLACCC Festival – artistic and logistic partner: The performance was commissioned and sponsored by PLACCC Festival and premiered at PLACCC 2011 in Budapest. PLACCC is also responsible for the international touring of the show which has been presented in 5 different countries in the past years.