Activity number : 4 Slap Talk

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The banality of verbal violence in our daily lives lies at the core of Slap Talk. During the performance, two actors rage, insult and threaten one another for six hours non-stop. On the autocues, the audience reads everyday words: lovers tiff, parental arguments, and aggressive blarney of shopping television programmes… As the insults intensify and deplete, actors steer away from the script and words become emptied of all sense, forcing the audience to contemplate the violence of their everyday words.

/!\ Warning: contains coarse language

In English only

James Stenhouse (Artist, writer, performer), Gemma Paintin (Artist, writer, performer)

Developed with the support of Caravan, BIOS, Athens and Theatre Bristol. It emerged from an idea that began in The Darkroom, China Plate’s development space for writing and performance.