About us

As a cultural, artistic and popular event, NUIT BLANCHE invites everyone to reclaim the city for just one night. It is a night to get together, to share unusual and creative aspects of the contemporary artistic scene in a warm and festive atmosphere that encourages discovery and wonder. Installations, multimedia projections, performances and interactive shows are everywhere, into the early hours.
Organised by the City of Brussels, NUIT BLANCHE Brussels aims to be a real artistic laboratory. Every year on the first Saturday in October, it showcases the public space and dozens of sites in the capital by means of contemporary artistic creation. Cultural venues, shop windows, school playgrounds, car parks, churches, stations, fountains, streets and squares are all potential locations.
Nuit Blanches is a concept first launched by the City of Paris in 2002, and has been adopted by a dozen European cities (Madrid, Amsterdam, Riga, and others).
Nuit Blanche Brussels has been bringing the streets of the capital to life since 2003, and has established a reputation throughout Europe over the years. In offering a series of artistic works closely related to the sites in which they are presented, NUIT BLANCHE sheds new light on familiar places as well as extending an invitation to discover locations that the public usually has little or no chance to see.
Above all, this event aims to give the general public the opportunity to see Brussels in a different way and to increase their awareness of new artistic forms. Every year, nearly 100,000 late-night revellers throng the centre of Brussels to experience something really unique.
NUIT BLANCHE 2019 will be held on the night of Saturday 5 October.
The event is entirely free.


The “Nuits Blanches Europe” Charter


  • NUIT BLANCHE is a free cultural event that is open to all, held annually at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn – and which will of course go on all night.
  • NUIT BLANCHE gives pride of place to contemporary creativity in all its forms: visual art, projections, installations, music, stage and street performers, circus and fairground arts.
    Nuit Blanche presents all the different aspects of public space: places that are usually closed or abandoned, outlying areas, prestigious locations or places that form part of the city’s cultural heritage, revisited in an unusual way by the artists.
  • NUIT BLANCHE enables cities organising the event to reflect together upon current developments for urban nights, to implement suitable services and means of organisation (city economy, signs, lighting, security, services…).
  • NUIT BLANCHE provides a perfect opportunity to promote “soft” forms of mobility: encouraging cycle paths, the use of trams, public transport, river shuttles.
  • NUIT BLANCHE fosters exchanges between city centres and peripheral areas.
  • The Nuit Blanche Europe partner cities have decided that a joint artistic project will be carried out each year, with the aim of developing exchanges between the cities and between European artists and audiences.