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Between utopia, sexual liberation and the demand for individuality, what is the legacy of May 68, 50 years on?

Protest movements and revolutions have constantly punctuated History like so many incursions made to cause the established order to implode.

But protests are not limited to an exalted collective expression. Beyond popular revolt, it can result from an individual demand, a rejection of society’s diktats. Often perceived as an act of resistance, protests take many forms: conscientious objectors, hunger strikes, silent marches or the freedom of speech, rebellious slogans expressed on walls, leaflets distributed in secret, guerrilla or defiant acts, etc.

This 16th event will question the heritage and the shifts of May 1968, by highlighting different possible forms of protest as much on a personal level as on a collective level, and will give pride of place to disciplines that come from the street.

The 2018 edition will take place in the Marolles district. during the night of Saturday 6 October, from 7.00pm until 3.00am.

The open call has been extended until Sunday 1st of April 2018 for the following locations:

  • Skate Park (danse urbaine – performance – skate) Rue des Ursulines
  • Eglise Notre-Dame de la Chapelle ( installation) Place de la Chapelle
  • Chapelle Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege (installation) Rue du Poinçon
  • Visitandines – La Dalle (projection/installation / danse urbaine ) Rue des Brigittines 14-8
  • Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles (installation) Rue des Tanneurs 65
  • La Querelle – Terrain de sport (danse urbaine / performance) Rue du lavoir 27A
  • Institut Diderot Rue des capucins
  • Ecole Baron Steens Rue Haute 255
  • Bains de Bruxelles (installation visuelle / sonore) Rue de Chevreuil 28
  • Rampe Sint-Joris (installation) Rue Terre-Neuve 19
  • Atelier Maçonnerie Zaveldal Rue du Lavoir
  • Ecole Charles Buls Rue De Lenglentier 1-7
  • Met-X salle + vitrine Rue De Lenglentier 20
  • Plaine de Jeu des Escargots (danse urbaine) Rue Blaes 160

+ Itinerant projects


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