RadiOh Europa


Over the course of a evening, Gemma & James invite you to join them in an act of collective listening as they play every single love song they have recorded to date. Broadcasting live and online via RadiOh Europa, their own radio station, this is an epic “deep listening experience” from the heart-lands of Europe. Detached from political posturing, hollow rhetoric and empty sound bites, these love songs transmit a heartfelt message instead: an opportunity to hear ourselves emerge out of the white noise.

In co-presentation with the 140, RadiOh Europa will be performed at the 140 on October 2nd at 3pm. To make the link between these two performances, you will be able to listen, on the internet and continuously, to a sound transcription of the collected love songs.

Artistic Director and Performer : Gemma Paintin
Artistic Director and Performer : James Stenhouse
Company Producer and get-in support : Sarah Warden
Artist Assistant : Emma Clark

In co-production with Le 140

Creative Credits

Oh Europa was Co-produced with Farnham Maltings (UK). Co-commissioned by Transform (UK) Farnham Maltings (UK) and Matchbox (DE). Supported by Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio and British Council. Action Hero are a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.




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