Activity number : 15 Cegos

  • Performance

Workers are camouflaged in fancy clothes, covered with clay and blindfolded. It is a metaphor for the paralysis of bodies and the impoverishment of the human experience. Cegos is an urban and visual performance that confronts us with the enslavement of work, illustrated by the outfits worn in major cities, taking on the form of a sinister everyday armour.

Cegos is an urban performance presented as an accessible piece of art that is open to different interpretations: the reduction of our existence to mere productive function and consumption, overwork, imprisonment and paralysis of life, the automation of everyday life and the ethical degeneration that is currently spreading across society.

Cegos was first presented on Paulista Avenue, followed by a performance in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. The performance was part of the Sesc Palco Giratório programme, showcased in almost every major Brazilian city. Moreover, the project was supported by Pro-Rectory of Culture and Extension of the University of São Paulo’s grant as part of the “Cities in Performance” project.

Cegos has also been performed in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Funchal and New York.

In 2015, Cegos represented Brazil at the International Quadrennial of Prague. During the same year it was staged at the Virada Cultural of São Paulo and the International Dance Festival of Londrina.  The project was also nominated for the Funarte Myriam Muniz Theater Prize, in the Circulation category.

In 2016, it was performed in San José, Costa Rica, in partnership with the School of Dramatic Arts of the University of Costa Rica and LAB Memory of the performing arts.

In 2017, Cegos crossed the Atlantic and was presented at Imaginarius – International Street Theater Festival of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal; further performances are due to take place in Zurich, Switzerland. The performance will also represent Brazil at the World Stage Design, in Taipei, Taiwan, China, at an event organised by OISTAT – International Organization of Stage Designers, Theater Architects and Technicians. Every four years it celebrates the best in performance design around the world, presenting a range of artistic productions developed across the globe.

Desvio Coletivo is a network of creators from a contemporary theatrical production, involving theatre, performance and urban presentations.

Through the creation of performance, shows and scenic presentation in different urban spaces, the group develops actions that generate islands of disorder of an ephemeral and critical nature.  Since 2011, the group has been researching collaborative scenic creation, with the goal of experimenting with different means of sensorial, dialogical and creative participation of the viewer, thus replacing his/her conventional role, whether as an actor, co-creator of the scenic narrative or as a member of a psychophysical life-like atmosphere.


Blind show held in Brasilia to help people provoke on urban development’ – Global Times