Activity number : 6 Crisálida

  • Installation / Performance

In a giant terrarium a metamorphosis unfolds before our eyes. That of a man, a strange moth who is born, evolves, stumbles around, fails, etc. Crisálida is a metaphor for all moments of fragility and vulnerability of the human species. An installation/performance on the notion of marginal bodies and the perversion of nature.

Before our eyes, the gaping hole of a dry river, both bare and arid. We discover the remains of what has been thrown away, pulled, discarded and hidden over the years. From the river and its splendour, there remains only one memory, merely a negative of something forgotten which is about to disappear. What can we salvage from this desert? What can we save from this desertification?

It is not easy and no less painful to look at our pathetic and forgotten humanity face-to-face but we must take responsibility for the desert we have chosen and draw it beyond any form of analysis or image and, above all, away from every aspect of apocalyptic simplicity. The human being has gained the right to be reborn, the right to overcome his downfall and overcome his own sentence.

In Crisálida we find an imperative: forgetting ourselves, forgetting our world in order to create a new spontaneous, brilliant space; under the gaze of the on-looking audience, develop an heterotopic (inner and outer) space to reflect on the way we live in our bodies, to remember the only invariable trait in our our existence: the capacity to generate new living forms despite the fact that culturally and rationally, they seem doomed to the most calculable failure.

You believed in the fall – I am just its echo.

Antes Collado Antes Collado is a dance company directed by Joaquín Collado (Villamalea, Albacete, Spain, 1991). In 2016 Joaquín, together with a group of like-minded people, founded Antes Collado as a shared creation space. Antes Collado has been supported by the Teatre El Musical and La Mutant of Valencia, amongst others, and has presented its works at the 18th Biennale of young creators of Europe and the Mediterranean 2017 in Tirana (Albania), the choreography competitions Paso a dos in Madrid and MasDanza, the International Festival of contemporary dance in Canarias, the Dance Venice Biennial, the Metropolitan Dance festival of Barcelona, ​​the American Dance Festival in the US and Beijing dance festival, among others.

The latest creation, Crisálida (or Lethe’s revenge), was premièred last April at La Mutant, as part of the Dansa-Valencia festival. It is the second project of a set of works that the company will showcase on the notion of marginal bodies and the perversion of nature, which began with Nereo drowning and Nereidas.