Activity number : 9 Doom

  • Concert
  • Installation


A desolate ground, a sketch of a devastated world. An apocalyptic, post-cataclysmic setting, with car wrecks as the only trace of humanity. Wildlife seems to benefit and take comfort from these metal hosts. Nature has taken over. A series of installations and concerts that focus on a post-industrial atmosphere.

Scenography: Camille Marlier



With an obsession for perverted beauty, obsequies act as a go-between intimacy and intimidation, while gentle minimalistic piano try to find a way out from the suffocative whirling mass of noise, ethereal voices resound through silence awaiting for the blast of ephemeral scattering beats.

Her focus lies on acousmatic composition, soundscapes and live electronics. She is interested in sounds and noise taken from the context of everyday life, transformed digitally and use as pure material. Therefore she collects and classifies recorded sounds and relates them to instrumental sounds or generated sounds, from analog synthesizers and feedback systems.

Peter Rehberg is the founder of the influential Editions Mego label, specialized in mostly off-field electronic music. With Pita, he creates his own sonic palette using only electronics. He has collaborated with Stephen O’Malley, Jim O’Rourke, Fennesz and has just released a new album ‘Get On’, as always, with fresh dimensions added to the idiosyncratic beauty/hostile tension that resides in all of his work.

Creating both rythmic and melancholic patterns with his modular synth, Monolithe Noir has this kind of pop-sensitivity that blends perfectly with a more abstract approach. With his new compositions, he explores the immaterial, timeless and evanescent potential of musicality.

One of the many projects of Yannick Franck (Orphan Swords, Figure Section, Mt Gemini). Franck mainly focuses on the exploration of idiosyncratic musical realms through the treatment of sources such as vocals, electronic instruments and field recordings. His music is often described as trance-inducing.


Marc Jacobs is a long-time Brussels-based curator pushing avant-garde and leftfield electronic sounds onto local audiences. He presents his new version of his latest initiative, Le Bureau Electronique, which is a platform to promote a wide-ranging plethora of artistic approaches and aesthetics. Prepare yourself for an experimental electronic soundscapes.