Activity number : 13 Listen to the pulse

  • Installation

Listen to the pulse is a sound immersion showcased at the very heart of the missions of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans frontières – MSF). Step by step, the sounds guide you, projecting you to the epicentre of deeply distressing events, such as war zones, natural disasters, epidemics, etc. The installation invites you to come face to face with one another and questions the barriers we have put up and which we hope will soon break down.

Listen to the pulse is located on the “Bruno Corbé” site – the MSF training and innovation centre. The objective is immerse staff in the real conditions of field work, before they embark on a mission. Sounds extend across this startling space; it invites you to experience life-like situations as they would be in the field.

As you wander through the MSF premises and cast an eye on their equipment, you are pulled into real-life experiences where the human being takes centre stage.


Scenery: Aurélie Deloche
Photos/visuals: Jonathan Ortegat

Jeanne Debarsy left the IAD in 2007 where she was studying sound engineering. She works in different fields of sound and cooperates with many actors from the world of entertainment, cinema, radio, music and creation.

Since 2010, she has been particularly passionate about the radio media because it provides her with a freedom of action and expression – a precious commodity in her eyes. Feeding a growing desire to put her own ideas on the air waves, in 2011 she made her first radio documentary in Madagascar called Ino Vaovao Mada? where she mixes her passion for travel and meeting people with that of music and sound. Subsequently, she made other documentaries Los Santos and Terre Noire, which were also widely broadcast.

In 2017, she co-authored her first fictional radio broadcast La première fois que je suis devenu foule marking the beginning of a more experimental period where the sound takes precedence over the discourse, as revealed in her latest work Fragments from Africa and Avec le vent.

She has continued to develop her own sound language in order to fine-tune her personal research and to work with a wide range of artists, video makers, directors, musicians, etc.

In 2018, she received the SCAM-SACD Radio Prize for her work.



Zoé Suliko likes to listen. She likes to listen to people, places, landscapes, details and the pulsations that bring the world to life. She has a multitude of influences which define her work, similar to a mosaic. She trained to be a concert pianist and took dance classes at the same time.

Immersed in the fields of contemporary dance, living models, hiking, foreign languages and music, she was gradually drawn to the listening process.

Having studied in a film school, Zoé Suliko was able to manage the transition from sound to image with ease.

A member of ACSR (Sound and Radiophonic Creation Workshop), Radio Moniek collective (radiophonic cabaret) and ASAR (Association of Sound and Radio Editors), she also co-hosts the Sonic Radio Festival City Sonic (Transcultures) with Disinterested (aka Gilles Malatray).

Passionate about the idea of communicating and meeting people through the process of listening, she regularly runs sound workshops for various member of the public (often in pairs) and is actively involved in neighbourhood life (helping to found the “La-Radio -Des-Parents ” as part of the permanent education policy of the League of Families). She contributes to several associative radio stations in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Radio Campus, Radio Panik, Radio Alma) and has actively involved in radiophonic creation since 2003 with the portrait of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Saint-Josse.

She is interested in the development of the mental image in the soundscape and likes to ponder the narrative status of image and sound, searching beyond a simple illustration.

In 2018, she wrote and broadcast her first radio and sound fiction for children – Rascasse, le vieux marin (with support from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the ACSR; it claimed first prize at the NY Festival Radio Awards 2019), adapted from Frédéric Cartier-Lange’s eponymous book.


Jeanne Debarsy

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Zoé Suliko

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