Activity number : 8 Mass #2

  • Installation / Performance


A grey mass, both heavy and light, slowly brews. Mountains and valleys emerge before the eyes of the spectator, then disappear immediately. This matter moves autonomously, creating its own horizon, without the presence of man. MASS #2 is a poetic landscape, moving both physically and emotionally. The Brussels premiere of this new creation by Kris Verdonck.

Just as in MASS #1, it could be the ‘situation’ of the dawn of time, although there is no divine creator in the vicinity.  This matter moves autonomously and determines its own energy. We are witness to geological and physical processes in which, both by coincidence and without interruption, organic changes take place. It could also be the end; a landscape without human presence, which maps its own journey. The end of mankind is not the end of the world.

MASS # 2 is part of Conversations (at the end of the world). The grey landscape is the environment in which the characters find themselves. It is an entity that does not tolerate anything next to it.  The movement of the landscape controls the rhythm and represents the impending disaster. The people in this landscape have no other choice but to take this into account and eventually go along with it. A solitary beauty is left with new rules, beyond human control. Time and language no longer exist. MASS # 2 is a continuous transition from creation to disappearance and back again to creation – an endless, unpredictable metamorphosis from chaos to order and back.

Throughout history, humanity has always had an impact on its environment. This new landscape has an impact on the inhabitants who are forced to adapt to it, out of necessity, wallowing in self-pity.  Should there already be a “narrative” to be found in human history, then it is probably that of an ever-changing landscape. The “tipping-points” in terms of climate warming will not be felt immediately. However, the insurmountable consequences of a geologic era that we now have to name after ourselves will affect all of humanity. “In the anthropocene nature reveals itself as a catastrophe”, stated the philosopher Timothy Morton. The consequences of the anthropocene might not be predictable at this moment in time but we will have to adapt to the outcome. Full of disbelief, we will have to suffer the consequences of our self-created ecological disaster.

Kris Verdonck (born 1974) studied visual arts, architecture and theatre. This training is evident in his work. His creations are positioned in the space between visual arts and theatre, installation and performance, dance and architecture.


‘Verpletterd door vijftig tinten grijs. Kris Verdonck laat de mensheid ondersneeuwen in een grootschalige theatrale installatie’ – De Standaard

‘Kris Verdonck geeft aan een landschap waar de mens al bijna uit verdwenen is’ – De Morgen

‘Une tentative troublante d’imaginer le théâtre après les humains, après le cataclysme qui s’annonce’ – La Libre

  • A Two Dogs Compagny