Activity number : 12 Remnant Ecologies

  • Installation

Jony Easterby deals with both the degradation and the restoration of the environment. Remnant Ecologies is an artistic response to our disconnect with nature: a journey through eight scenes dotted with nesting boxes, branches and trees in the heart of the city – projections of a beauty from another world. An invitation to embrace a sense of wonder for all ages – a return to simpler things.

Remnant Ecologies is a series of works developed by Jony Easterby as an artistic response to the growing concern surrounding our disconnection with and retrenchment from the natural world.

The real and existential threat of man’s destruction of the ecosystem, tales of extinction and the cataclysm experienced by our climate are all reasons which led Jony Easterby to celebrate nature and highlight on our disconnection with natural world

His own empirical studies on landscape, botany, ecology and silviculture (or the rational exploitation of woodland trees) proved both inspiring and overwhelming for the artist. In Remnant Ecologies, he attempts to make sense of a world in which our deep empathy for nature is undermined by a strong sense of fear for our future.

“One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds”. Aldo Leopold

The paradox of our relationship and detachment from nature in the Anthropocene period is that the joy of our interaction with a physical and ecological reality has been tarnished by a melancholy and burning desire not only for what has been lost but also that which we are afraid of losing.

The following installations, drawn from a wide range of work, aim to ask questions without offering any real answers. The cages are empty, the birdsong is digitized and yet the trees continue to grow.

Jony Easterby is an artist, designer, producer, director, performer, passionate naturalist and plant lover.

Through the use of digital and analogue media, Easterby explores the boundaries between raw materials, sound technology, composition, landscape and architecture. In similar fashion to many artists, the existential turmoil which confronts us on a daily basis as a result of the environmental collapse of ecosystems has led him to focus his energy and conceptual art works on these issues.

His studios produce collaborative performances and installations across vast landscapes that explore the narrative of the environmental emergency. They include Sounding the River, For-the-Birds and more recently Tree and Wood.

His permanent installations deal with both the degradation and the restoration of the environment. His uses a wide range of experimental sites to showcase his work: a coal basin in Wales, industrial agriculture in the north of England and the Samphire Tower, a watchtower looking out to sea, and a sound installation under the white cliffs of Dover.




‘Engaging with an Easterby installation involves a degree of childlike wonderment, like one gets from staring at waves in the sea or flames in the fire. We have been programmed to respond to this and Easterby knows it’ – The Guardian

‘It is a small oasis of strange, contemplative, other-worldly loveliness in a land increasingly ruled by banal norms’ – The Arts Desk

‘Tree and Wood is a spectacle to behold…It is a breathtaking sight and an extraordinary achievement’ The Guardian