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Created during residencies spread over the last two years, TETRACHROM was conceived as an ambulatory choreography in the outdoor space of the 5 blocks. Benfury and his team elaborated a hybrid dance, inspired by the urban landscape of Brussels. Entitled TETRACHROM (which sees 4 colors), the choreography refers to the vision of the pigeons present in the district. The question of the perception of colors, of the relationship with the other, of living together, but also of the mimicry of this invasive bird crosses the reflection of the choreographer.

Dancer/choreographer : Benfury
Dancer : Béatrice Debrabant, Sinam Prawerman, Natalia Velabona, David Scarpuzza
Composer : Maxime Pichon

Costume Design : Sinam Prawerman


8pm45 > 9pm15 and 10pm15 > 10pm45


Rempart des Moines | Papenvest