Activity number : 5 The Master’s Tools – Remastered
(LA)HORDE - Ballet National de Marseille [FR]

  • Performance

The Master’s Tools is a film which is based on the fresco in four performative installation paintings made during Nuit Blanche Paris 2017.

At the centre of a choreography of vehicles – instruments of repression as well as objects of fascination – supercharged bodies rub shoulders. While dancers indulge in jerky hard-dance movements, others bunch up to better resist an order to disperse. Further away, a vandalised limousine is at the centre of an exceptional kissing contest. In close proximity to this contemporary Raft of Medusa, a ballet of washers remove the slogan “Tomorrow has been cancelled” which was sprayed on the ground a few minutes earlier. The camera continues to film and yet you never know which side of the screen you are on – at the heart of an event or merely a representation of the act. In this post-internet ballet, (La)Horde examines the relationship between humans and industry with the dancers of the National Ballet of Marseille and their flagship piece TO DA BONE.

(La)Horde is a collective consisting of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. They work in the field of choreographic creation.

Dance is at the heart of their project and the body in motion is the centrepiece around which the (La)Horde develops choreographic pieces, films, video installations and performances. They recently collaborated with ex-Christine and the Queens for a concert tour.

Since 2 September 2019, (La)Horde has directed the National Ballet of Marseille, the National Choreographic Centre.



Design, choreography (LA)HORDE / Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel

With the jumpers from the To Da Bone and dancers from the National Ballet of Marseille

Fashion design Juan Corrales in collaboration with Nicole Murru

Film The Master’s Tools


‘Le trio de chorégraphes de (La)Horde puise dans l’underground l’inspiration de ballets aussi post-modernes que déroutants’ – Technikart

‘(La)Horde remet la danse en mouvement’ – TRAX Magazine

‘Le collectif (La)Horde impose son jumpstyle’ – Les inRocKuptibles

‘Chorégraphies, performances, installations vidéos… Les trois trentenaires du collectif (La)Horde évoluent sur de multiples terrains’ – M, le magazine du Monde

‘Une décharge d’adrénaline par secousses successives’ – Le Soir