The Playground

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  • Installation / Performance
  • Limited capacity

06.10.2018 | 20:30 > 23:30 & 00:30 > 02:30
Bains du Centre | Baden van het Centrum – Rue du Chevreuil 28 Reebokstraat – 1000 Brussels

Playground is a live video installation/performance initiated in Palestine. In Brussels, people can move around as they wish, and everyone chooses their own immersive and visual experience. Live performances reproducing the use of music torture in Guantanamo Bay take place in a space where spectators take the role of the wardens in front of surveillance monitors. Playground invites the audience to question their role as observers in this type of context. When does their participation involve them in the action of the game?

Samar Haddad King (director/choreographer) // Yukari Osaka (performer) // Zoe Rabinowitz (performer) // Yousef Sbeih (performer) // Mohammed Smahneh (performer)