The Resilience of the Body

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06.10.2018 | 20:30 (EN) – 21:45 (AR) – 23:15 (EN) – 00:30 (AR) | 20’
Subtitles: FR – NL
Terrain de Basket | Basketbalveld – Rue de la Querelle | Krakeelstraat – 1000 Brussels

The Resilience of the Body responds to postrevolutionary Egypt. Artist Shaymaa Shoukry explores the resistance of the human body in an environment filled with violence, censorship and other limitations. This solo is performed in turn by Shaymaa Shoukry and by artist Mohamed Fouad to the sound of words uttered frantically. In this tense performance, words become political and incarnate personal combats and social pressures before reaching interior resilience.

Shaymaa Shoukry (Concept & Performance) // Mahmoud El Haddad (Performance) // Sound : Open source // Saber el Sayed (Light design) // Mohamed Shafik (Music) (This is a solo performance that will be performed four times throughout the evening twice by Shaymaa Shoukry and twice by Mahmoud El Haddad)

Co production by Arab Arts Focus.

Creation Residency and Rehearsals: Cairo contemporary dance center