Activity number : 10 Woodland

  • Audio Walk

As we lie on the floor, surrounded by dead leaves, headphones on our ears, Woodland invites us to return to the earth. Based on forensic anthropology analyses, this meditative audio work offers a self-portrait of the body after death. A gentle confrontation with our own disappearance and an ode to the forest, where human beings and nature merge.

Woodland is one of four works in the artists’ afterlife series. It explores narratives that are both poetic and medico-legal, from the decomposition of the human body to the influence of different environments. They have cooperated with forensic anthropologists, ecologists, and curators to develop each piece, delving into the minute details of the science of degradation and renewal to create a series of works that questions our fear of unknown.

Over the past few years, French & Mottershead

have been commissioned by Tate Modern and the Photographers’ Gallery. Moreover, various projects by the artist have been showcased in international cities.

During NUIT BLANCHE 2019, you experience the Woodland audio work while lying on the ground with headphones over your ears, in a designated space in the Tour and Taxis park.


‘Deeply calming and uplifting’ – Aesthetica Magazine

 ‘A hauntingly beautiful journey… about how we become just another part of the land’ – Witness Performance (on Bushland the Australian version of Woodland)

It is one of those pieces that makes you see the world afresh. It takes you off somewhere, all by yourself, and puts things in perspective’ – What’s On Stage