Activity number : 7 WRECK – List of extinct Species

  • Performance

A gigantic sculpture, made from dark, aerial matter, invades the space. As this modern-day Leviathan moves, beings are swallowed and spat out, like fragile, stranded species. Blending performance, dance and visual arts, WRECK – List of extinct species is a metaphor for sinking, an allegory of a drifting world.

Through WRECK, the objective of the artist and his company INSIEMI IRREALI is to tackle  choreographic issues using a different artistic approach and to develop a new and original language.

Pietro Marullo is an Italian artist based in Brussels, where he founded  INSIEMI IRREALI an organisation supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

His interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of visual and performance art,  between installation and movement; it is deeply focused on social, historical and anthropological topics.

Born in 1985 in Naples, Italy, he moved to Brussels in 2008 to study directing at the National Institute of Performing Arts (INSAS).

He divides his artistic experiences between France, Italy and Germany, playing in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice directed by Thomas Ostermeier at the Venice Biennale 2011. He participated in the FINDPlus Festival 2011 at Berlin Schaubühne, was selected for the international project Europe will art you in Paris in 2012 and sponsored by Valérie Dreville as a young artist for the Kadoms Travel project at the Avignon Festival 2013, etc.

His works have been presented all around the world, at renowned festivals and platforms such as the OrienteOccidente Festival, the Seoul International Dance Festival, the José Limón International Dance Festival, the Danse Élargie/Théâtre de la Ville festival, the Beijing Dance festival, the National Platform of Italian Dance.

Since 2015, Pietro has been contemplating anthropologic and aesthetic expression in terms of the links between reality and symbolic languages.  This approach has lead to the creation of the “fantasy of the species”, a philosophical statement that places our societies face-to-face with their own histories and common challenges from the broader point of view of the species.


‘Pietro Marullo signe avec Wreck un spectacle à mi-chemin entre la danse et la marionnette. (…) Une proposition visuelle somptueuse, propulsée par le son, qui fait palpiter l’imaginaire’ – Le Vif

‘Mêlant les langages de la danse, de l’art plastique, du son et de l’installation, WRECK nous parle de migration et de la condition humaine dans une fascinante dérive métaphorique de la matière et des corps’ – BRUZZ