Le Maillot – One size fits all

Le Maillot – One Size Fits All Ahilan Ratnamohan and Globe Aroma co-created Le Maillot – One Size Fits All, a choreography that brings together a group of performers with different artistic practices, such as dance, photography, fashion, video and athletics, and who share a passion for soccer. Together, they worked around the soccer jersey, […]


Tetrachrom From September 2020 to September 2022, Benfury worked on the development of a new choreographic creation. Punctuated by different times of residencies, the experimental project has followed several trajectories. The first residencies, at the beginning of 2021, at the  Tour à Plomb, were the start of this long research. Benfury and his team analyzed […]


Blocnotes The 5 blocks are emptying. On the eve of the destruction of this architectural heritage, before the exodus of its inhabitants and the definitive transformation of its buildings, it is important to collect the words of the inhabitants who were born, who grew up, who grew old in these towers. How to make the […]

Bureau des colères

Bureau des colères Conceived by the collective Habitant·e·s des images and developed within the framework of the Festival Trouble Le Bureau des colères, is a self-declared ‘artistic service to the population’ and wishes to explore the links between violence and representation while highlighting the social emergencies of the city. Step One: Anger Statement Then, a […]


Cucine(s) Carried by Facchini & Cie , Cucine(s) is an artistic and culinary creation that paints a sensitive portrait of a territory through an exploration of kitchens, recipes, and ordinary gastronomy with local flavors, transmission, memories and conviviality. Usually, Floriane Facchini and her company go to meet the inhabitants by going to their homes, to realize together, […]

Oh Europa – RadiOh Europa

Oh Europa Oh Europa is a collection of works from Action Hero‘s epic journeys across Europe in a motor home, asking strangers to sing a love song. After traveling over 50,000 km through 33 European countries, Action Hero recorded the voices of over 1000 people inside their van, which doubles as a recording studio. Oh […]

Une anatomie de mouvements #prologue & #3xBxl

Une anatomie de mouvements Conceived by the duot.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e, (Pierre Larauza and Emmanuelle Vincent), An anatomy of movements is a dance-documentary device that infiltrates the urban space to meet dance or sport lovers. At the crossroads of mediation and artistic gesture, this participative project is an ode to the plurality of the Brussels territory through the […]

Lost & Found

Lost & Found For her project Lost & Found, Marilyne Grimmer was interested in lost objects and the stories attached to them. Following a visit to the office of lost objects of the city of Brussels, to investigate on the types of objects that people forget, and on the way in which they are classified […]


BREAKING THE BAKCBOARD BREAKING THE BACKBOARD is a creative UFO directed by choreographer Marinette Dozeville and visual artist  Frédéric Xavier Liver, conceived in 2020 with the Panthères de Sainte-Savine (FR). It is a dance performance created from the vocabulary, gestures, game systems and movement of basketball. Without competition, without match, without basket and essentially without […]

Youth through the Lens

Youth thourgh the Lens To extend the collaboration with the exhibition Youth through the Lens at MAD, the seven photographers of the exhibition covered the event Art+People by nuitblanche 2022. Paul-Louis Godier (°1999 – Dijon) is a freelance photographer and journalist. He studied Journalism at IHECS and he is currently studying photojournalism in Denmark. He draws inspiration for his […]

17 Mouvements

17 mouvements In November 2021,  Decoratelier  has been commissioned to design sports facilities on the Rempart des Moines public housing site. But facilities for whom? And where? Is a muscle cage still needed in Brussels? What about the modules already installed near block 12? Are they being used? 17 movements is looking for answers to […]