Oh Europa – RadiOh Europa

Oh Europa Oh Europa is a collection of works from Action Hero ‘s epic journeys across Europe in a motor home, asking strangers to sing a love song. After traveling over 50,000 km through 33 European countries, Action Hero recorded the voices of over 1000 people inside their van, which doubles as a recording studio. […]

Lost & Found

Lost & found is a project developed in the framework of nuitblanche.lab and presented on October 1st 2022 during the event Art+People by nuitblanche. From May to September 2022, Marilyne Grimmer went to meet people from Brussels who lost an object one day. Together they talked about memories, regrets, coincidences or small miracles. While telling […]

Art+People 22

      Back to Art+People by nuitblanche ! Thanks to all the artists and our partners for this moment of art and sharing. We’ll see you soon for the next part! https://youtu.be/UxLw_EhG0R0 ©TADE


BREAKING THE BACKBOARD is a creative phenomenon directed by choreographer Marinette Dozeville and visual artist Frédéric Xavier Liwer, conceived in 2020 with the Panthères de Sainte-Savine. BREAKING THE BACKBOARD is a dance performance created from the vocabulary, gestures, game systems and movement systems of basketball. Without competition, without match, without baskets and essentially without ball, […]

Youth through the Lens

To extend the collaboration with the exhibition Youth through the Lens at MAD, the seven photographers of the exhibition covered the event Art+People by nuitblanche 2022.       Paul-Louis Godier (°1999 – Dijon) is a freelance photographer and journalist. He studied Journalism at IHECS and he is currently studying photojournalism in Denmark. He draws inspiration for his photography […]

17 Mouvements

In November 2021, Decoratelier has been commissioned to design sports facilities on the Rempart des Moines social housing site. But facilities for whom? And where? Is a muscle cage still needed in Brussels? What about the modules already installed near block 12? Are they being used? 17 movements is looking for answers to these questions, first by […]