About us

NUIT BLANCHE was initiated by the City of Paris in 2002. Over the past two decades, the event has expanded to a dozen European cities (Madrid, Amsterdam, Riga, etc).Supported by the City of Brussels, NUIT BLANCHE Brussels had established itself over the years as an authentic artistic laboratory. On the first Saturday of October, it transformed public space and various locations throughout the capital through contemporary creation.

As a cultural event, embracing art and popular culture, NUIT BLANCHE invited everyone to re-appropriate the space of the City for one night. It showcased neighbourhood projects, visual installations and performances in an innovative relationship with the general public.

By presenting a series of works which were closely connected to the sites that hosted them, NUIT BLANCHE was able to shine a new light on well-known places and invite people to discover areas which are typically closed or not easily accessible to the public.

NUIT BLANCHE Brussels enlivened the streets of the capital from 2003 to 2019. Every year, thousands of night owls flocked to the centre of Brussels in search of new and unique experiences.

Above all, the aim of the event was to give the general public an opportunity to see Brussels from a different perspective and to raise awareness of new artistic forms.