Oh Europa

Oh Europa
What’s your favourite love song? Do you want to sing it, adding your voice to an archive of over 1000 songs sung by people from all over Europa? Find our campervan-recording studio around Brussels:
·Parc Fontainas Park
23.09.22 : 2-6 pm
24.09.22 : 3-7 pm
·Place Sainte-Catherine
25.09.22 : 1-5 pm
·In Josaphat Park, on the esplanade between the Dairy and the Bandstand 
27 and 28.09.22, 2pm-6pm
The collected songs will be integrated in RadiOh Europa on October 1st at the Tour à Plomb and on October 2nd at 140.
Oh Europa is a project by Action hero presented in collaboration with nuitblanche.lab and 140.
©Pelagia Karanikola

Benfury in MAD

You do sports, you are a dancer and/or a breaker and you want to share your practice? Then come train at the MAD with Benfury!

Benfury comes from breakdance and has worked with several major Belgian companies. He is now a choreographer and has created his own style. As part of the event Art + People by nuitblanche, taking place in the Zen neighborhood, Benfury and his dancers are developing choreography anchored in the 5 blocks.

If you want to share your practice and train with them, come join them during their rehearsals at the MAD, New Grain Market. You can join them there from Monday, Sept. 20 through Friday, Sept. 30. If you would like to participate contact Benfury at 0468 53 12 01 or the nuitblanche team at info@nuitblanche.brussels.

See you then!