To extend the collaboration with the exhibition Youth through the Lens at MAD, the seven photographers of the exhibition covered the event Art+People by nuitblanche 2022.




Paul-Louis Godier (°1999 – Dijon) is a freelance photographer and journalist. He studied Journalism at IHECS and he is currently studying photojournalism in Denmark. He draws inspiration for his photography work from the people around him, the street and and the worldwide actuality.




Antwan.jpg  aka Antoine Roland (°1996 — Madagascar) studied photography at Inraci — École secondaire d’électronique, photographie, informatique et infographie then at HELB — Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles. He draws inspiration from the music scene, nightlife, nightwear styles and from photographers such as Jesse Koch, Rayscorruptedmind and Keffer. Antoine works with analog cameras.





Jordan Kbs  aka Gordon Jordan Nyimi (°2000 — Rotterdam) is a self-educated photographer. He draws inspiration from renowned international photographers such as Renell Medrano, Kenneth Cappello, Rayscorrupted, Micaiah Carter and David LaChapelle. With his creative platform Artchive 8, he wants to give photographers more visibility




Shania Semeli  (°2001 — Uccle) studied image techniques at HELB — Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles. She draws inspiration from the work of Lou Escobar, Nicholas Miller and Petra Collin.





Max Klinkum aka Maxime (°2001 — Uccle) is a self-educated photographer. He draws inspiration for his photography work from the fashion scene and the people around it.




Light Striking aka Noah Dechamps (°2000 — Braine-l’Alleud) dropped out of school to become a self-taught analog photographer after taking a photography course in 2018. He draws inspiration from photographers such as Jack Brigland but also from the hip-hop culture and the film industry. The Tarantino films, the film Matrix and the work of cinematographer Marcell Rév are also a great inspiration for him.





Vanishay (°1997 — Hainaut) study economic and social law at ULB — Université Libre de Bruxelles. She draws inspiration from the Italian fashion photographer, Nima Benati and director, documentary filmmaker and  photographer Sébastien Zanella.